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Tattoos and piercings I want?

I’ve been thinking of getting a medusa piercing or whatever you call it for forever so maybe someday. And for tattoos… the next one I have planned out is a thick, black outline of Princess San’s mask on my forearm.

Am I excited for anything?

I’m seeing Touche Amore tomorrow and I’m meeting Paramore in August… i feel like such a dumb fan girl but I love them so much, I’m so excited:’) and I move into my apartment in minneapolis the day after that!

Have I had sex in public?


Something I fantasize about?

Someone eating me out while I watch Princess Mononoke or Lord of the Rings.

or just having no debt from art school lol.

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Turn ons?

Dominance, dark hair?, musical or artistic skill??, being called pet names like doll or something.

Sexual orientation?

Questioning, but I’m really into guys right now.

Best first date?

We went to moa and did christmas shopping. We didn’t plan on it being a date but we ended up seeing the hobbit and he asked to hold my hand and I ended up spending the night at his place watching Lord of the Rings. It was really goofy but fun in the end.


shopping bitch


shopping bitch

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The Flower Garden | Howl’s Moving Castle

I want this played endlessly in every garden in the world

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